How does it sound to lose weight without actually dieting? You know that diets don’t work; you’ve tried them in the past. You felt good as you lost weight, it started to feel like you were actually getting somewhere but in the back of your mind something didn’t feel right, sound familiar?

And sure enough as quickly as you lost it, at some point you began to pile it back on. So where do you end up? You found your way here, to this page on my website. It doesn’t matter how you look at it but you’re here and firstly I want you to praise yourself for just simply doing this. Trying to make a difference to your own life, but imagine not having to try. Do slim people think about their weight all the time? Or do they just eat when they are hungry and not eat when they are not. All the times you are saying to yourself “I must not eat this”, “I’m definitely going to start my diet Monday”, “I wish I could lose weight” and so forth, you are constantly thinking of food over and over in your mind like a subliminal advert running in the background saying food, food, food! Do slim people think this way? So imagine how amazing it would be to think just like a slim person. Imagine all the extra time you will have not thinking about food. What would you do with all that free time? Did a part of you just laugh and say “I’d eat!” Or maybe you’re already beginning to think positively? Ask yourself a few questions: Do you have trouble leaving food on your plate? For some people wasting food is extremely difficult, but we have been taught from children with school dinners and at home to finish our meal, it is inbred in us. Do you eat your food really fast? Almost like a race before it goes cold or because you’re so hungry you need to eat it as quickly as possible. Do you eat at odd times because of work or your hectic life? Some of us don’t even have time to sit down. Do you eat emotionally when maybe you feel down, stressed or unhappy? Isn’t it amazing how so many people will read glossy magazines with beautiful slim models showing off their gorgeous bodies while perhaps they are having a tea and a doughnut or something else, thinking to themselves “I must start going to the gym.” Maybe you reward yourself with food? Have you ever treated another member of your family to some food when really in the back of your mind it’s you that wants the food? Are you constantly picking between main meals but you don’t ever seem to feel full? Are you the sort of person who is very kind, you always do friends favours? In fact you seem to attract people who 'want' from you? Do even close friends slip into that mode of being a 'taker' around you because you're so giving? Do you always want more time for yourself but never seem to get much because you fill your day doing things for other people? Do you find it very hard to say 'NO' as you feel guilty and you often find yourself doing things you don't really want to do? Do you look after your friends, partner, children far better than yourself? Do you feed others first at the time they want but eat yours later or even don't get time? Do you want to look after your body but rarely do? You may even live your life in chaos and disorder? Are you the type who is great at giving good solid advice but you never listen to yourself?

If these questions hit home to you then I’m not going to say to you “well that’s why you’re overweight!” I want you to realise that this is the first step to losing weight and in around 6 sessions I can completely reframe the way you think regarding food. I will teach you how to tell the difference between real physical hunger that is telling your brain that ‘yes’ you’re hungry and fake emotional hunger that appears from nowhere and demands food ‘now!’ I will give you solid, professional counselling and you will feel as though we are taking these steps together, side by side in your journey back to happiness and fulfilment. I have an incredible zest for life and I believe that every human being deserves happiness. I believe that every single one of us was born beautiful and perfect but our paths in life are all different and so for whatever reason some of us end up where we are now, not feeling beautiful, not feeling perfect and like I said earlier it doesn’t matter how you look at it but you’re here now. Maybe it’s fate. The main thing is that I feel right now you are ready to change, ready to see life differently, the way I do and I will fill you full of these positive feelings and thoughts with life coaching, hypnosis and more. 07999327683