Feeling depressed with a feeling that nothing is going to change can be a lonely, isolated place. It can feel like you are living under this dark shadow and other people just don't get it.

You smile once or twice and they think you are ok again but it sits in the background. They ask you if you are ok constantly but depression wants you to push loved ones away and just connect with yourself and this 'stuck' feeling means there is no progress, no feeling of growth. Depression can appear at any time in life and it can feel like a downward spiral so hard to get out of.

But it doesn't have to win and there is hope. In my career I have been privileged enough to help many people from this dark place and slowly but surely guide them towards the light. I build a very safe, confidential, good relationship with my clients so that they may feel able to share how it feels to deal with this problem day to day and then together we go about the job of moving forward in life, feeling lighter and embracing a new future. 07999327683