“Thinking in pictures..... approximates more closely to unconscious processes than does thinking in words” Freud. The Ego and the Id.

Guided Affective Imagery is a method of intensive psychotherapy which when used on a client in a light trance state can evoke intense images and feelings that are related to the client’s problems. In a normal counselling session a client may find it hard to release repressed material or could be unable to verbalise the issue at hand. Feeling stuck in life can be a very hard place to be. Imagery work is normally used part way through therapy and is incredibly powerful because it doesn’t alert the critical faculty allowing the client to be a traveller on their own path to self realisation. Imagery is a dream that can be induced in a waking state because through hypnosis the client is as relaxed as they would be in a dream state. This way of creating the dream can take us immediately to the problem we need to address. Carl Jung said "When you concentrate on a mental picture it begins to stir, the image becomes enriched by details. It moves and develops, and so when we concentrate on inner pictures and we are careful not to interrupt the natural flow of events, our unconscious will produce a series of images that makes a complete story" because our unconscious mind is constantly daydreaming.

I have enjoyed using GAI with many, many clients as it really takes hypnosis and psychotherapy to another level. If we decide to use imagery work I will gently relax you into a light trance state where you will talk to me and respond as I guide you through different scenarios. These may include looking at your personality, conflicts in life or aspirations. Once I have guided you out of hypnosis we will discuss what happened through counselling. I have known so many clients to be completely blown away and enlightened by this technique as it has so many positive aspects. Guided imagery is a form of therapy that can also be used to promote health and medical and psychological professionals have known of its benefits for a long time. It can be an effective tool for use with the terminally ill allowing relaxation, meditation and pain control. 07999327683