NLP - The most powerful liguistic tool known to mankind!

Have you ever been told to watch your mouth? Well during the course of a session I will constantly focus on the words a client uses to language their life. You see your subconscious mind is listening and if you feed it irrational, negative comments all day long, then those comments will make you feel a certain way.

Imagine if the client came in saying "My boyfriend is always late, therefore he does not love me!" This will make my client feel a certain way and also maybe affect their relationship. But NLP is all about seeking the truth in everything and I recognise this statement to be a 'Complex Equivalence' which is basically a distortion of the truth. What if the boyfriend was always late? Does this necessarily mean he does not love my client?

Imagine if the client said "Nobody loves me!" How would that make them feel? And what would their day be like? Perhaps they'd see everyone in love holding hands and families laughing together. But this is known as a 'Universal Quantifier' which is an absolute generalisation of the truth. So I take the key word and reflect it back.

"Nobody loves me!"

"Nobody?" (pause) "You're saying you have no one in your life, friends, family, no one loves you at all?"

"Well there are some people..."

NLP is so powerful and I use it in every session so watch what you say, your mind is listening. 07999327683