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I am an Elite Life Coach IAPC&M Certified Level 5 with the added bonus of using Hypnotherapy helping clients with a wide variety of issues.

Elite Life Coach IAPC&M Certified

However much pain you are in right now, when you get in touch you will feel heard, valued and important. We will work together in a comfortable, safe environment to resolve your issues and help you move forward in life.

I have an absolute passion for my profession. Helping you become the best version of you, means everything to me. I am authentic, approachable, warm and most of all human.

Alex Britton
Elite Life Coach IAPC&M Certified

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy that utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This heightened state of awareness - reached using skilled relaxation techniques - allows the therapist to then make appropriate suggestions.

Hi, it is so very important that you feel comfortable and at ease with me. I have heard many stories of people going for hypnotherapy or coaching and feeling totally unhappy with the therapist they have just paid to offload to or put them in a relaxed state to make changes. Rapport is so important and I am trained in advanced rapport, it won't just be by chance that we get on, I will be working hard so that you feel happy with our connection. You will always get the very best service that I can deliver. I am in a profession that I absolutely love and so my performance won't depend on whether I slept well or got stuck in traffic that morning. I won't see you as just number 3 client that day or as the price you are going to pay me. I will see you as an individual that I want to help because quite simply nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be able help someone. Although this may sound a little cheesy, it is the truth and the fact that you have chosen me to help you through a difficult part of your life is important to me. You will feel as though we are taking steps together side by side towards your goal. You will never feel judged but you will feel heard and our sessions will always be confidential.
The general rule is that historically around six weekly sessions will let you see change happen. Specific issues like insomnia or nail biting for example can take less than six sessions but changing your life is firstly about giving yourself time and secondly investing in yourself but please give me a call if you want to know more.
There are good and bad in every job as I'm sure you'll agree and if you want a normal run of the mill hypnotherapist/coach click away now because I'm very different. I don't believe people should be in counselling for years and years and I will work towards your goals as quickly as I am able. I have been trained integratively in many different strategies and approaches that I can adapt to suit your needs. Sessions are tailored carefully to the person sitting in the chair, YOU.

If a hypnotherapist/coach plans a session they may not be going with the flow of what is actually happening in the room at that present moment. I work in the 'now', the present, you will feel that I am present with you every step of your journey towards success and that is so important. I don't use scripts, I don't take notes, I listen and watch carefully as you discuss your issues and even in our first session I can pretty much guarantee you will feel lifted, a whole lot better and ready for change. I don't know of any other therapists that guarantees this but I'm not like any other therapist.

Everything we discuss stays in the room. Out of the room it will be as if I don't know you. If I saw you out shopping with a friend I will happily ignore you (in a nice way). Obviously if you approached me and said hello that is fine but I want you to feel comfortable that what you tell me is highly confidential.

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